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Thanksgiving Ideas for the Office

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Thanksgiving has always been a popular holiday. Setting aside a day where families can come together and be thankful for each other and all that they have is truly wonderful. In fact, people hold this holiday so dear that more people travel to be with their families on Thanksgiving than any other holiday.

Transferring this great feeling over to the office is easy with a little planning. The gathering can result in a true bonding experience among employees and raise office moral. Following these simple tips can help you create the perfect Thanksgiving gathering for your office or business.

Be Thankful for Each Other

While it may be tempting to turn this event into a be thankful for your job, it should be more centered on being thankful for everyone who contributes to the success of the office or business. Everyone should realize that they are appreciated and should also be able to express their gratitude for the people they work with each day. It is a true morale booster and creates a wonderful experience for the party.

Make the Dinner Personal

While turkey is traditional and should be available, encourage employees to bring a dish that is special to their family or traditions for this holiday. This allows employees to bring some of their personal life and heritage to the gathering, making it a more personal experience. Make sure that you have enough side dishes and desserts to make everyone happy and be sure to ask if there are any special dietary needs that should be met so that everyone is included.

Hold the Party the Week Before the Holiday

It is probably very wise to hold the office Thanksgiving party a week before the real holiday. This ensures that employees are not over stressed from having to make plans and run errands for their own holiday at home. Some businesses may even want to opt for a weekend party when employee family members can also attend.


Decorating the break room or office area where the party is being held is essential to party success. Not only does it give the area the look and feel of the holiday, it also eliminates the business aspect of where the gathering is taking place. Your office Thanksgiving gathering should be about the employees and being thankful, not about the company. Thanksgiving decorations are available at many different stores, and those that are not disposable can be kept for the following year.

Do something as a Group Because you are Thankful

Times are hard for many people, and this time of year can be even more stressful for those who are struggling. As a group, come up with an idea to help someone that is struggling have a better holiday. Collect canned goods for a local shelter, create a food gift basket for someone that is known to be struggling, donate something to a local church or charity that is providing a free Thanksgiving meal.

It is also very important and kind to look among your co-workers for those who may be struggling through the holidays. Perhaps a spouse has been out of work or is sick, maybe a single employee has no one to share a meal with that day, and maybe someone has just lost a loved one and does not want to be alone. Employees can come together and make the holidays right for those they work with that are in need.

It is always Worth the Effort

Creating a Thanksgiving office party may seem like additional work and hassle, but in the end it is truly worth the effort. Employees enjoy the chance to interact with each other in a non-business manner, and everyone feels more appreciated, even if it is just for that day.



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