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The Ten Most Sought After Internships in New York City

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Every year, PricewaterhouseCoopers hires on about 2800 interns, and they pay very handsomely as far as internships go. They may not pay the most, but they are one of the most sought after internships in the entire country, let alone New York City. Most of the popularity is due to the fact that PricewaterhouseCoopers has kept much more respectability during the housing and financial crisis than other accounting firms in New York City. PricewaterCooper has its head offices  in Manhattan.

Ernst and Young

The Ernst and Young internship is highly prized, with one of the higher hourly wages of the New York City internships on this list. They pay a total of $9000 for the duration of the internship, and a whopping 98% of their interns go on to find full time employment. They hire around 2200 interns a year and you can apply for the internship through their website.

Deloitte and Touche

The third accounting firm on this list, Deloitte and Touche is one of the lesser known accounting businesses offering internships on this list. While they may not be well known, their internship is one of the most sought after in the city, with almost 1200 interns taken on every year. You can apply for the internship via their website or contact them at their offices in the Garment District.

Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs is the infamous investment banking firm that just about everyone has heard of by now. Despite their history, Goldman Sachs has remained one of the most highly prized internships in the city, and offers some of the hightest pay out of all the internships here. They hire very selectively, so you should apply at their website as soon as applications are accepted. Goldman Sachs head offices can be found in the Wall Street area.


KPMG, situated in Midtown Manhattan, is another accounting firm, and it offers quite a few benefits that make it very popular to those seeking out an internship. KPMG’s internship program pays about $8500 for the term, and comes with a notoriously high level of on-the-job training. People mostly come to KPMG for the experience it provides with its internship, and you can apply through your school or their website.

JP Morgan

As an investment bank, JP Morgan has grown into one of the most powerful businesses in the world. The interns at JP Morgan benefit from the highest pay of any other intern in New York City, raking in almost $15000 after their internship. This high pay means that they expect the best, and the application process for this internship is extremely strict. If you want to get into this internship, then you need to get your application in on time, without any errors. You can do this through their website.

Merrill Lynch

There are a lot of reasons that interns come to Merrill Lynch for their internship. One of the biggest reasons is honestly the exclusivity of the internship program. Merrill Lynch, with offices in the Theatre District, hires on some of the fewest interns of any other Investment Bank, but they pay handsomely at about $12000 for the internship.

Lehman Brothers

Lehman Brothers hires on a little over 500 interns for its program every year. Interns at Lehman Brothers can expect to make about $29 an hour here, which will work out to around $12000 for the duration of the internship. This is the highest hourly pay of any other internship in New York City. To apply, you can either go through your college career counselor or apply online directly through their website.


Accenture is a consulting firm, and they have a competitive internship program that is the most popular in the city for consulting internships. They only hire on 125 interns a year in this work-oriented internship, and they pay handsomely for the internship. Their website is the best place to apply, since they are constantly changing the requirements for application.

L’Oreal USA

Famed consumer goods company L’Oreal hires on around 100 interns for its internship program. Their pay is classified as “mid-range” for the higher-end internships in New York City, with pay being around $10000 during the internship. The biggest perk of this internship is the experience it gives you working with an international consumer goods business, and the internship helps you to get accustomed to many aspects of doing business in this arena.

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