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Financing and Incentives for Businesses in the Bronx

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For over 30 years, federal and private investment programs have focused on expanding the Bronx’s economic base and making this New York borough attractive to businesses large and small. For the most part, these programs have been successful, since according to the Center for Urban Culture, the Bronx comes out first in the list of New York boroughs in terms of business growth levels. It is estimated that this borough is currently home to more than 16,000 registered companies, and nearly 5,000 of those are small businesses.

Business growth in the borough continues to be promoted through a number of financial incentives and support programs, which are described below.

Financing and Incentives for businesses in the Bronx

The most popular loan programs available to those interested in setting up a business in the Bronx include:

Springboard mini loans, administered by the Springboard Mini Loan Fund in collaboration with the Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation, available to local start-ups owned by women or those who belong to minority groups. Grants and loans are also available from Local Development Corporations, and are available to business owners who can commit to either creating jobs or attracting inward investment to the borough. For further information, please visit

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