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One World Trade Center

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They thought that they toppled the collective financial might of the United States of America. They thought that an act of terror would cause the United States to buckle and bow to a new master. But they forgot that the people of the United States bow to no one and, when those people band together, they can do anything they set their minds to.

September 11, 2001 is a date that Americans will never forget. It isn’t just the loss of life that makes the date stick in the minds of Americans, it is the audacity that Americans could be intimidated by anyone. One World Trade Center rises as a glass and metal testament to the resolve of the American people and a grand indication of the defiant nature that resides in every resident of the United States.

The Scale Is Massive

One World Trade Center is 1,250-feet tall, which is nearly a quarter of a mile in the air. It is the largest skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere and it glistens in the New York City morning sunlight. The building is 124-stories tall, but 20 of those stories are underground and make up the massive foundation of this building. It too 10,000 workers 12 years to move 48,000 tons of steel and nearly 13,000 panels of reinforced glass into place. It is a massive structure that stands high above the New York City skyline.

It Is A Building With A Purpose

Every American kept track of the progress at One World Trade Center. It is a building that was created to stand, not only as a defiant sneer at terrorism, but as a valuable asset to the American business community. During the design phase, the engineers and architects understood the significance this building would represent. But for all of the hope the building represented, there was also fear.

What if an attack happened again? What if the cowards tried to bring down this tower? The original Twin Towers were actually designed to withstand the kind of attack that happened on 9/11. It was the fire from the jet fuel that weakened the infrastructure and caused the buildings to collapse. Every means possible to prevent that from ever happening again has been taken with One World Trade Center. The neighborhood where this symbol sits can feel safe with its presence, and so can the commercial and residential tenants who call the building home.

Not Quite Picking Up Where The Country Left Off

One World Trade Center was not meant to cover a hole in the American history map. It was meant to create an entirely new path for people to follow. It is a symbol of perseverance, ingenuity, and persistence. It is also the ultimate symbol of American defiance.

It stands taller than any building in the hemisphere and the light that it beams when the morning sun hits it has more purpose than any other building in the hemisphere. One World Trade Center is most definitely serving its very complicated and important purpose.


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