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New York’s Tech Industry

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The technology industry has found a welcoming home in New York. In fact, New York has become one of the most popular destinations in the world for tech businesses over the past few years. This includes both greater New York state and New York City. As a result, a steadily growing segment of the population here is employed by some type of technology-based business.

Tech Companies in New York


Tumblr is a microblogging platform that has gained immense popularity since its inception in 2007. As the number of venture capital firms in New York City rose over the past few years, CEO David Karp has been able to make some amazing upgrades to the service. What was once a small blogging service is now a multi-million dollar blogging company with over 100 employees.


Foursquare is a social networking platform that allows users to get location-based deals on goods and services while keeping up with friends. It has become the flagship service of a long line of like-minded companies. Recently, the co-founder of the company valued it at roughly $250 million. Currently, Foursquare employs over 100 people in a variety of capacities.

Small Planet Digital, LLC

Small Planet Digital is a well-known and popular software development company based in New York City. They specialize in the development of small games and apps for smartphones and tablet computers. The most popular of their applications are the digital storybooks they create for small children.

Why the Tech Industry is Coming Back

Over the past few years, a few factors have contributed significantly to the growing popularity of the tech industry in New York. One factor is the shift from large-scale technology ventures to more consumer-based technology ventures. As this shift occurred, venture capital firms were more able to understand the scope of tech start-ups.

These large-scale projects have been focused mostly around the Boston and the San Francisco bay area of California. This is because these areas have very prestigious engineering and technology colleges. People in these areas have a more comprehensive ability to see the scope of large-scale projects. In New York, the shift toward a consumer-based sales model in technology has made the industry much more approachable.

With this shift has come an increase in the amount of venture capital firms willing to invest in tech start-ups. One of the major draws of the Silicon Valley area is the large amount of willing venture capital firms there. As these firms grow in number around New York, more businesses are able to survive and thrive here. As these venture capital firms continue to expand, it is expected that the tech industry in New York is going to expand as well.

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