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New York City’s Changing Skyline 

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The city of New York is known around the globe for its impressive architecture. In the spring of 2017, there were approximately 300 buildings under construction and a further 363 were planned, and it is estimated that in total, the city is home to more than 6,200 high rises and over 900 skyscrapers. New York’s tallest building is currently One World Trade Center, which was completed in 2014 with a total height of 1,774 feet. However, the city’s skyline is always evolving and it is expected that by 2021 new builds will transform the city’s impressive urban landscape. Here’s an overview of the buildings that will give New York a new appearance in the near future

New High Rises in New York City 

New York’s skyline makeover will be mostly brought about by the addition of six super-tall structures (defined as those over 1,000 feet tall). Many of them are already under construction and are expected to be delivered between 2018 and 2019.

30 Hudson Yards 

This 2.6 million square feet and 90-storey high office development will be completed in 2019 and will be the city’s second tallest building after One World Trade Center. The building is part of an extensive office construction plan for the Hudson Yards area, where 4 high-rises will be built in the coming years. The super-tower will feature an open-air observation deck, public gardens, and will be home to many Fortune 500 companies.

The Spiral 

Along with the Hudson Yards project, the Spiral building will play a key role in the revitalisation of Manhattan’s West Side. The high rise will feature sloped landscaped terraces and vertical gardens that will hug the building in a zigzag pattern. This building will add 2.85 million square feet of Class A office space to the city’s inventory, as well as nearly 30,000 square feet of prime retail space.

111 West 57th Street 

This architectural wonder fits criteria for both super-tall and super-slender. Once completed, the skyscraper will rise more than 1,400 feet above the ground, offering breathtaking 360-degree views over the city. Its most distinguishing element is a tapered effect over its western facade and a modern take on Art Deco style. The building is mostly intended for retail and residential use, with office space available on the 5th floor.

Central Park Tower 

Central Park Tower will be located on 57th Street, where other luxury high rises are currently being built. The completion date is set for 2019. At 1,550 feet, this will be the nation’s second tallest building, only below the Willis Tower in Chicago. This development will be so large that everyone will be able to spot it from every borough in the city.

9 Dekalb Avenue 

With its location in Brooklyn and a total height of 1,066 feet, 9 Dekalb will be the tallest building in New York building outside of Manhattan. This is a mixed-used development featuring 73 floors, and the outer facade will be clad in bronze, marble, and glass. With such a glitzy appearance, this high rise will definitely become one of the city’s top landmarks.

Other Additions That Will Transform the City’s Skyline

Queens Library at Hunter’s Point 

This building is part of an extensive urban regeneration project. The library’s location by East River will make it visible from other parts of the city and provide stunning views over downtown Manhattan. The facade will be clad in aluminium panels and will feature curved cut-outs on the front, and the interior will offer open space as well as a rooftop reading garden. The expected completion date is set for summer 2017.

Via 57 West

This 34-storey residential development will soon become one of the city’s most easily recognisable buildings due to its unique sloped pyramidal shape and futuristic-looking design. Via 57 West has already won several design awards, including the International High Rise Award and the CTBUH Tall Building Award in the category of Best Tall Building in the Americas.

56 Leonard Street 

This 821-feet tall luxury condo building is located in Tribeca, between Broadway and Hudson River. The super-slender building is sometimes called the Jenga Tower due to its high-tech architectural style, which certainly stands out in Manhattan’s dense maze of buildings.




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