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New York City Entrepreneurs

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Numerous entrepreneurs either come from or live and work in New York City. These are examples of just three who are famous throughout the world.

Josephine Esther Mentzer—Estée Lauder—was born in Queens, New York in 1946 and learned assertive selling techniques, promotion of quality in products, attention to the appearance of the product, and perfectionism from helping in her father’s hardware store. She acquired her skills in producing lotions and skin creams from an uncle who was a famous European skin specialist. As his apprentice, she helped him develop new products using natural ingredients.

She married Joseph Lauder and they founded Estée Lauder, Inc. in 1946. The initial beauty products they created were skin treatments, rouge, and makeup. Advertising agencies didn’t want the account with its budget of only $50,000. The Lauders decided to provide samples to those attending fashion shows and through mailings. It worked well to establish their company. By 1973 they had sales of $100,000 and employed 1,000+ people. Sales of cosmetics and fragrances by Estée Lauder became international by 1960.

Estée Lauder’s products continued an emphasis on quality skin care and skin protection. These products were sold only in high end stores to maintain quality appeal. The company went public in 1995. In the 21st century Estée Lauder products have widened sales into 140 countries with annual sales of about $8 billion. She is considered the richest self-make business woman in the world.

Donald John Trump was also born in Queens in 1946. His parents sent him to the New York Military Academy in his teens, hoping the discipline there would channel his assertive energies in a positive direction. Trump became an athletic star and a student leader by his graduation in 1964. He then entered Fordham University before transferring to the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Finance where he graduated in 1968 with his degree in economics.

Donald Trump began living in Manhattan where he became convinced that economic opportunities were ripe for development. Using attractive architectural designs, he began winning public recognition for his projects. By 1971 he had begun work on several profitable building projects in Manhattan. He specialized in constructing and managing middle income apartment complexes in Brooklyn, Staten Island and Queens. With the opening of the Grand Hyatt Hotel, situated in Midtown Manhattan, in 1980, Trump became the best known and most controversial developer in the city.

Trump’s net worth plummeted when the real estate market declined in 1990. An infusion of large amounts of money procured through loans was necessary to keep his business from collapsing. His business acumen helped his reemerge from almost $900 million in the red to being worth $2 billion by 1997.

Marian Banker became an entrepreneur later in her life. She was born in New York City where she still resides with her family. She was recently nominated for a Small Business Influencer Award by Gurus. Banker is a passionate coach regarding her work and leads in client success. Marian was already a seasoned executive and professional when she started sharing her expertise with her clients through “Prime Strategies” in 1996.

Prime Strategies gives the local small business community coaching, training and consulting in business leadership. Banker’s plain English style of training works well for all small business owners. She publishes a monthly online magazine: Small Business Leader. The publication has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal and services subscribers worldwide. Banker was a resource coach for the SBA sponsored Springboard 2001 Venture Capital Conference for Women in New York City.

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