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Fun and Simple Office Christmas Party Ideas

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With the Christmas holiday quickly approaching, many business owners and managers are thinking about the office Christmas party. There is always a question on what to do, how to structure the party, and what to eat. The planning process often becomes excessive and stressful making the Christmas party a chore instead of a celebration.

The truth is, the annual Christmas party does not have to be an elaborate occasion filled with mind numbing “get to know your co-worker” games and tasteless finger foods. Your office Christmas party can be a fun and relaxing occasion that leaves everyone feeling good.

Setting The Time And Date

Business owners must take into account that their employees are also planning their own holidays at home. Having the party too close to the holidays could place everyone in a stressful mood. Opt for a time near the beginning of December when everyone is not feeling the holiday stress. This also helps your business if you are scheduling the party off site. By planning your party early in December you will avoid many holiday pricing schedules.

Keep The Food Simple But Tasty

Many people are still “recovering” from Thanksgiving and the large amounts of food that come with this holiday. Others are preparing for large holiday meals with their family. Christmas parties for the office should offer something simple, but really tasty. Put out a taco bar where people can create their own foods or grill hamburgers. It sounds like anti-holiday foods, but the response you will get from the employees will be one of happiness.

Gift Ideas

It is up to the business owner and the employees if they want to play different gift exchange games during their Christmas party. However, business owners and managers shouldn’t forget that a small gift goes a very long way in employee morale. Create a gift bag that can be made for each employee. These bags do not have to be elaborate or expensive. Fill the little bags up with random goodies such as Christmas candies, hand sanitizer samples, or a scented candle. Decorate the bag; make some dedicated to men and other women based on your employees and set them up on a table to hand out at the end of the night.

The most important thing to place in these bags, however, is a Thank You note. A simple thank you card for everything the employee has contributed to the company this year that is hand signed will be the best gift you can give your employees.

Office Christmas parties, of course, can be very elaborate and expensive. However, keeping it simple is often appreciated by employees who may be overwhelmed with personal preparations during the holiday season.


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