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The Best Co-Working Office Space Perks in New York

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As one of the world’s most creative and innovative cities, New York is certainly not alien to the concept of collaborative and shared working spaces. According to a recent real estate survey, Manhattan alone is home to more than 5 million square feet of shared office space, and the figures are also high (and continue to increase) in boroughs like Brooklyn, which has approximately 1 million square feet of such space.

Over the past five years, New York City has witnessed the significant growth of co-working spaces that cater to very specific niches, from female-only spaces to those exclusively created to attract graphic designers or writers. New spaces are constantly appearing across the city, offering a range of fabulous benefits in an effort to target specific niche communities and to bring real value and opportunities for growth to the professionals using these spaces.

In this article we take a look at some of the most interesting, cool, and quirky perks offered by some of the top co-working spaces in New York.

Spacious defines itself as a co-working-hospitality hybrid model that provides workspaces in select New York restaurants when they are closed to diners. Perks include high-speed WiFi, private dining rooms used to conduct private calls or meetings complimentary tea and coffee, and food and drink discounts at each restaurant.

Based on the slogan “you work best when you feel great”, Primary’s co-working space features green walls and noise-masking solutions and aims to promote well-being and relaxation by offering access to unlimited yoga classes and guided meditation lessons, all without having to leave the office.

Next is NeueHouse, where industrial units have been converted into three distinct spaces: a socialising area, workspace, and meeting space. Co-working space at NeueHouse mimics luxury hotels in terms of design and amenities, as workers have access to a curated food cart, a stylish bar, and concierge service. There are also weekly talks and cultural events run by leading figures in the creative community.

The Wing is one of the few female-only co-working spaces in Manhattan. The concept was developed by female entrepreneurs who modelled the space as a women’s club. This is a child-friendly workspace where perks range from the practical (lactation room, curated library) to the unusual (like on-demand access to hair dryer sand make-up). Other benefits include invites to prestigious social events and to an exclusive book club.

Electropositive is an 11,000-square feet warehouse that was converted into co-working space based on the idea that innovation and community building do not only happen in offices. Tenants have access to classrooms and to a stage, but the most notable perk is the rooftop farm, which offers a welcome break from the city’s hectic pace.

Fueled Collective is one of the most well-known co-working spaces in the city, and combines swanky interiors with an exceptional location in SoHo and a variety of perks created to help creative types find inspiration. Examples include complimentary popcorn, ice cream, fruit, snacks and assorted candy, chill-out couches, and pet-friendly work areas.

Last but not least, we must mention ConArtist, a Lower East Side co-working space for professionals involved in the arts and design. Con Artist offers more than just space, but also access to the tools needed to produce innovative work, including a photography studio, specialized power tools, silkscreen presses, art supplies, a slop sink, storage for artwork in progress, editing stations, and art residency program.

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