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Office Politics

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Our opinions and interests are what make us unique and in the office environment, or in everyday life for that matter, this can lead to conflicts.

When it comes to office politics it’s important to remain objective and focus on what is best for the business. Taking sides between two people who are at odds with each other can lead to further complications, you need to try to get them to communicate positively and constructively.

You will earn respect within your company if you are seen to be fair, listen to others and consider both sides of the story. Sucking up to people, gossiping, backstabbing or dirt slinging will always come back on you in the end. You will end up with a bad reputation within your company and could hamper your career prospects.

Nurturing strong business relationships will help you to broaden your prospects, and this includes coworkers both equal to your position and below as well as senior staff.

Offer favors if you can, and not just for what you can get it return, fostering good working relationships take time and effort.  By being seen as someone who is trustworthy, a good listener and someone who has expertise they are happy to share you will reap the dividends professionally.

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