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New York City’s CBDs (Central Business Districts)

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Due to economic growth throughout NYC in many industry sectors, a number of new CBD’s or Central Business Districts have emerged.

Lower Manhattan
Lower Manhattan has been transformed by extensive investment and development into a thriving 24/7 neighborhood and is a prime location for businesses looking for inexpensive commercial space.

Harlem’s diverse cultural heritage is creating excellent opportunities for cultural and economic growth.

Long Island City
Long Island City’s close proximity to midtown and a wide array of affordable and spacious leasing options makes it an ideal location for business.

Downtown Brooklyn
An established business community, Downtown Brooklyn offers rich cultural traditions, a mix of historic and modern residential options along with affordable commercial space.

Downtown Jamaica
Downtown Jamaica is a vibrant transportation center in Queens with numerous opportunities for affordable commercial space.

Hudson Yards
Frequently cited as “the final frontier of real estate development in Manhattan”, 360 acres of underutilized land the Hudson Yards initiative is currently being transformed under the Hudson Yards initiative.

For an updated information on New York City’s CBD’s (Central Business Districts) click here.

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