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Stress in the Office

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Office Stress

Stress in the workplace becomes a bigger problem every year, with depression, just one type of stress related reaction, being the leading occupational disease this century resulting in more work days lost than to any other single factor. With 25% to 40% off job burnout in the US being directly blamed on work pressures and stress this cannot be taken lightly.

There are several reasons for the increased stress levels in the workplace including job insecurity, growing demands and working longer hours, higher expectation of productivity and the need for a work/family balance as more women have entered the workforce. Worldwide a global stress research study found that women who have children under the age of thirteen and work full time experience the highest levels of stress.

A poll by The American Psychological Association found that one third of the people in America are experiencing high levels of stress, with one in five suffering these extreme levels of stress fifteen days a month. They APA have put together a Stress Tip Sheet to help those in need of help managing their stress levels.

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