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Using Social Networking Sites in the Office

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workerWith social networking sites such as Facebook, Myspace and YouTube becoming increasingly popular, the amount of time people spending on them is going through the roof. Understandably many businesses are looking for ways to prohibit or crack down on personal use during working hours.

While the occasional use or checking in for perhaps ten minutes a day seems harmless, some people spend up to two hours a day while at work accessing these sites. The amount of work hours lost is becoming an increasing problem.

According to a report from Robert Talf Technology, 54% of U.S. companies completely prohibit employees accessing social networking sites for any reason whilst on company time. Nearly 20% allow access to these sites for business purposes only and another 16% permit limited personal use.

Many companies are now rolling out policies on what is acceptable in regards to using personal electronic communication whilst at work,whether it be on your lunch break or not. There are blocking packages that can be purchased that stop Facebook, YouTube and Myspace from being accessed from work computers.

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