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Pollution in NY City

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New York City PollutionNew York City is an enormous city with a lot of industry, a lot of cars and a lot of people. Due to the sheer size and population density of New York City, the area puts out a lot of pollution in a given year. Despite this, the city has taken great strides toward reducing its environmental impact and the amount of pollution it produces on a yearly basis. As the city in the United States with one of the most advanced “green” building and “green” industrial sectors, New York City is doing a lot to lessen its impact on the environment.

Air Pollution

According to the city government of New York, air pollutants contribute to roughly 6 percent of deaths city-wide on an annual basis. Due to this, air pollution is taken very seriously in the city and there are a number of programs in place to lessen air pollution.

One way that business owners can lessen their air pollution imprint on the city is by taking part in the CATS system. CATS stands for “Clean Air Tracking System” and it monitors the installation of boilers around the city. CATS standards tell you what boilers you can install that are in line with current New York City air quality standards. The New York City division of Environmental Protection has a number of resources you can use to learn about this.

Water Pollution

The waters surrounding New York City are often seen as unfit to swim in. This largely depends on where you are in the city, and there are a number of beaches in the vicinity that are perfectly safe to use. To help mitigate some of the water quality issues the city faces in its immediate vicinity, there are a number of protocols in place to keep things tidy.

One thing the city is doing to lower its water pollution imprint is to implement a few specialized measures to reduce toxic runoff. The city is encouraging the use of green roofs, porous sidewalks, and strategically planted tress or shrubs. The idea is that these things will retain water and keep it from running off into surrounding waterways. Since roofs and streets often carry a large number of petrochemicals, this has the potential to significantly reduce the amount of toxic runoff getting into New York’s waterways. Business owners are especially encouraged to develop a green roof system, which the city will help with if necessary.

Noise Pollution

People often overlook the impact of noise pollution on the health and well-being of citizens. Despite this, the city understands the impact that constant noise can have on the health of New Yorkers, and is implementing a few measures to help reduce noise pollution.

In the workplace, employers are being inundated with complaints over speech privacy at work. As a result, many employers are implementing noise-dampening technologies in the office that help lower the din of office chatter. They are also implementing lower-noise HVAC units that allow workers to more easily remain on task.

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