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New York’s Shopping and Retail Industry

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New York shopping is a popular and a dearly loved pastime for both visitors and residents. There are enough retail stores to keep even the most devoted shoppers extremely busy. New York City is a Mecca for discerning fashionistas and clothing connoisseurs. The city has an undeniable appeal for shoppers from around the globe. In New York, when it comes to shopping your options are limitless, it is a shopper’s paradise.

The retail industry in the United States is vast. More than 14 million individuals are employed by retailers. That is more than 12 percent of the entire workforce. In the United States, there are over 1 million retail businesses currently in operation with a total of 4.7 trillion dollars in sales.

New York City is arguably the fashion capital of the world. The retail industry based there generates over 13 million dollars in sales, annually. From sales clerks to warehouse workers, there are over 270,000 New Yorkers, who work in retail establishments. This figure excludes drinking and eating establishments. The sector accounts for approximately 7.6 percent of the city’s total employment. In New York, you will find many of the best retail stores in the world. It is an amazing place for shopping.

The retail industry in New York has many famous exclusive shops from the edgy Barneys to the iconic Tiffany’s. Barneys is a famous high-end shop that has the final word in edgy fashion. Bloomingdales features trendy American made fashion brands and Macy’s is the shopping spot for essentials from all the big designer brands. These famous shops are known throughout the world for luxury and superior service.

Madison Avenue in the Midtown East area of New York is home to some of the most extravagant shops in the country. Madison Avenue has become a shopping haven for locals, as well as tourists. There are plenty of luxurious shops including some of the world’s most upscale boutiques, hair salons and jewelers. This historical avenue embraces the diversity of the city by maintaining lots of spirit and charm.

There are many exclusive boutiques in the city from high-end to vintage to cutting edge, as well as classy boutiques that have been in business for generations. Shopping at the famous Emilio Pucci Boutique is the place to go to find whimsical designs. The Yves Saint Laurent Boutique offers the designers signature collection and is one of the most recognized names in contemporary fashion.

The fashion capital of the world cannot help, but be the shopping capital, as well. New York City is the place to go for famous jewelers, such as Tiffany & Co and sophisticated department stores like Bergdorf’s, Saks and Bendel’s, which carry all the high-end brands anyone would want. These elite department stores are filled with both American and European designer clothes.

Many distinguished retail stores are in midtown Manhattan, and they are collectively referred to as the Fifth Avenue District. This shopping area offers the most stunning collection of designers. Aside from traditional department stores, there are smaller shops that cater to all shopping desires, from trendy boutiques to vintage shops to specialty shops. Armani Exchange in midtown is an exclusive shop that features classic, timeless fashions and perhaps the best suits on earth for men. Designers know that they have arrived, when they get a flagship store on the fashion-famous Fifth Avenue.

New York City is a diverse metropolis with towering landmarks and fabulous culture that offers unrivaled attractions, theatres, hotels, museums, entertainment, restaurants and of course shopping. In 2010, the city had a total of over 48.5 million visitors and total visitor spending from tourism totaled 31.4 billion dollars. New York City has a very large number of shops, whether it is fashionable Madison Avenue or the exclusive 5th Avenue, the city offers incredible shopping for everybody.

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